Small Business Internet Marketing – Investment Vs Expense

If every time you handed me $10 I handed you back $100, how many times would you do the deal? Like any sane person, you would probably be shifting your budget around to free up as many dollars as possible right? Would you consider this to be an investment or an expense? This same type of thinking must be in your mind as you consider investing in internet marketing services to get you more customers through the web.

It seems that some of the big price tags on internet marketing services can catch small business owners off guard. Shelling out $1,000-$5,000 for an online advertising campaign that helps you rank #1 in Google can seem like a steep price, even when compared to the price of getting on a local radio or TV station let alone the phone book or newspaper. It can be hard to swallow, let alone turn over that type of cash.

But here’s the deal, Every year more and more people are online than the year before meaning that your potential customer base online is growing. Every year, more of the people that are online are spending more time online searching for businesses like yours in your local area. Every year more and more people are interacting with a business like yours online. What’s all this mean? The internet is worth investing in because that is where nearly all of your customers will be in the next 5-10 years if they aren’t already.

You just need to make sure you invest in the right services that will actually get you results.

So again I ask you, would you trade $1,000 for $10,000 in sales? Would you trade $5,000 for $50,000? Where would you stop? Would you stop? The potential of the internet is nearly limitless.

Hopefully you are realizing that investing in internet advertising in an investment and not an expense in which case you’re probably thinking, “This is all great, but how do I know which services are actually investments vs which ones will just suck my pockets dry?”

That’s a great question! Here’s a solid but brief answer: Generally speaking, most small businesses are going to get the most bang for their buck from social media marketing (like Facebook) and from doing SEO (getting your site coming up at the top of Google). Facebook is new form of guerrilla marketing and SEO is the new yellow pages. Find a company that provides them both to get the quickest, fastest results for your company. Other services such as pay per click advertising and video marketing can also be extremely effective, however small businesses should focus on connecting with customers on Facebook and getting ranked #1 on Google first.< In some cases, online marketing has been known to literally double some small business owners business. Because the internet is still new, most of your competitors probably haven’t figured out how to use the internet effectively yet! This means that if you understand that internet marketing needs to be an invaluable part of the overall marketing for your business, you are in a position to dominate if you take action quickly. Remember, online marketing done correctly is an investmentnot and expense.

If you need help with your online marketing campaign, Scepter Marketing provides small business internet marketing services at affordable prices to help your business dominate your competition.

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Proven Options for Local Business Internet Marketing

The importance of local business Internet marketing cannot be underestimated. Now, having a web presence for your business is as necessary as having a phone number. More and more people are getting their information and news from the Internet. When such a large number of people are spending so much time on the Internet then even local businesses cannot ignore this fact. Online marketing is also more economical compared to traditional marketing options like advertisements through radio, TV and print media. There are various methods that can be used to market and promote products and services on the Internet.

Some people have the misconception that the Internet is only for companies that operate on national and international levels. However, online marketing is important even for local businesses. A wide range of techniques and methods on the Internet are available for promotion and marketing purposes. At the most basic level, Internet marketing involves having a website. Irrespective of what types of advertising and marketing options are used, all traffic is finally going to arrive at the official website. This makes it important to design and develop the company’s website in such a way that it complies with the latest web design, lead generation and SEO requirements. A website must be easy to navigate. It’s contents should be informative and shareable. At the same time, just having a quality website is not sufficient to receive the required amount of traffic. The next step of local business Internet marketing involves using other online marketing methods to promote the site as well as the products or services such as an offer. For this purpose, there are free, as well as paid options. In the range of free marketing methods, article marketing is used widely. It simply involves posting informative articles related to the industry or sector in which the business is operating. Another one of the best ways to market a business on the Internet is to use affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketers are offered financial incentive for reselling the company’s product or service. It is very effective at increasing sales.

Local businesses can also use e-mail marketing. This requires collecting e-mail addresses of prospective customers through a website and then sending them weekly or monthly newsletters that contains useful information. It is important for local businesses to use online marketing methods that allow targeted traffic based on demographic criteria. For example, it is possible to target only people from a local area on social media websites. Online advertising outlets also allow such targeted marketing. Advertisements can be shown only to people from a local area. These marketing options also allow advertisers to target only people of specified groups based on age, gender, earnings, interest, and other such criteria. Other local business Internet marketing methods include video marketing, press releases, local maps submission, and submissions to industry specific web directories. Local businesses also offer e-coupons that can be printed and redeemed by online users. This is a proven method to attract lots of customers or clients. Benefits of all these marketing methods can be realized only when the marketing and advertising planning is done by professionals. This makes it important to hire a professional marketing company that specializes in online marketing for local businesses.

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Home Business Expert – Top 5 Ways to Grow Your Business With SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is a great thing because when well done, this exercise can take your website to the top of the popular search engines and that too for highly popular keyword searches. While on the one hand this pushes up your web visibility, on the other it ensures that your website generates high Internet traffic, which is really something essential that you want to achieve for your online business.

So what do you do to boost your business with SEO? Here are the top 5 ways to grow your business with SEO.

Keyword Research : This is the first activity that most SEO professionals would do. Keywords or key phrases are what people are using at the search engines to find website’s like yours. So if your keyword research is wrong, then obviously you are targeting the wrong ones and the results of your SEO work cannot be fruitful. After all, is there any point in achieving ranks (even if you do so) with those keywords that are not relevant to your business? Sometimes the primary keywords are so popular that it becomes almost impossible to get ranked for them. In such cases you should concentrate on secondary and tertiary keywords. Link Exchange : This is among the most important SEO activities and it involves exchanging links with other websites on the Internet. The fact is, the more the number of incoming links to your website, the higher your PR (Google’s measure of the importance of a web page) will be, and the higher your PR, the better is the chance that you will get good ranks. Search engine robots believe that an incoming link is a vote of confidence and so that website deserves to be ranked well. But while doing this, do keep in mind that it is always better to exchange links with those websites that enjoy a high PR themselves. Also, a three way linking system is always better than a two way link exchange.

Submissions to various directories can also be clubbed into this as when you are submitting, you are essentially getting a link back.

Article Writing : Search engines attach a lot of importance to content and that is why, usually those websites that are content rich tend to attain better ranks. You can use articles to get a lot of content. You may write articles yourself or you may hire a professional to do the job for you and then you should post the articles in your website. Search engine robots also keep spidering those websites in which the content is regularly updated so posting articles regularly will help you. You can also submit articles at the directories to get a link back. Blogging : This is another powerful tool to boost your chances at the search engines. Make your posts informative and interesting and very soon you will see a good number of visitors to your blog. But do keep in mind that you must post regularly at least thrice a week. Allow the visitor to submit their comments and make them involved to make your blog a success.

Meta Tags : It is believed that the search engine robots spider through the meta tags, particularly the Title, Description, Keyword and the Alt tags. So it is always a good idea to optimize the meta tags by making them keyword rich. But while doing so do remember that you should not be keyword spamming because this will have just the opposite effect.

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Local Business Internet Marketing Is Easy to Understand

Even local businesses who conduct very little business online can take advantage of the internet. The fact of the matter is, today more people find out about a new business through the internet than they do from the local newspaper, phone book or flyer. Setting up a web presence is a powerful way to develop a business. By utilizing the power of local business internet marketing, a company can spread awareness about its products and services in a way that was not possible before.

Skilled local marketers take advantage of the fact that a great deal of people discover local businesses through services such as Google Maps, Bing Maps, and MapQuest. Whether or not a potential customer uses these services directly, the results of these mapping programs are often prominently displayed in the results of search engines. This is especially true when a person searches for a product and specifies the location. Google, Yahoo, and Bing will all display a list of five or ten local businesses in the search results when a location is specified in the keyword phrase searched for. A business is much more likely to get noticed if it ranks in the top five local search results. There are two primary methods of promoting a local business through internet marketing. They are referred to as search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). SEO is the process of optimizing a site so that a search engine understands the relevance of the site in relation to specific keywords so that the site will be displayed prominently whenever those keywords are searched for. There are many factors relevant to SEO, but the most important elements are the quality and quantity of links from other sites, the prevalence of keywords on the site and on the sites linking to it, and the internal organization of the site. When these factors are used in combination with local techniques, such as posting the phone number and address of the business on every page of the site, and claiming profiles with Google Local Business Center, Yahoo Local, and Merchant Center, a business can claim a larger percentage of the local internet traffic. SEM is an alternative form of local internet marketing that allows a business to pay search engines a fee to display advertisements. The advertisements will be posted above or near the search engine results, as well as on websites talking about related subjects, and payments are only made to the search engine when the ads are clicked on. This technique is referred to as pay-per-click.

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E-Commerce Website Design – The Key For a Successful Business

Everyone knows that successful businesses are a result of effective advertising and marketing strategies. There is no other way to attract potential customers or clients than with a good ad campaign. Once you’ve got the marketing in place, you need to have a place that your customers can come to that screams of your professionalism and ability to meet their needs. E-commerce website design is the key for a successful business in the internet age of modern society. Without an effective, professional website, you might as well give your customers to the next company in line.

Not every company has a website, surprisingly. There are many small businesses and companies that fear losing that “personal touch” by becoming a member of the e-commerce society. After all, we went from a society of nosy neighbors and mom-and-pop stores to a corporate based, impersonal, e-commerce society, and that scares some people. The internet was designed for efficiency, and in our fast paced society, that’s essential. However, many people have realized the loss of the personal touch, and are using e-commerce website design to get that touch back.The key to a successful business in today’s society is having a functional, professional website that is created with e-commerce website design in mind. There are plenty of professional web designers out there that can custom build a website for your business, and help develop your marketing strategy for a fast track to success. You could build your own website, but you won’t likely get as professional of a look as if you were to have it designed by a professional designer or design company unless you specialize in web design yourself.

You wouldn’t build a retail store and set up the interior design without at least consulting a professional, unless you had extensive experience in merchandising and retail design. Why should your e-commerce website design be any different? You get what you pay for, after all. If you’re willing to invest a little money into your website design, you’ll likely see a great return on your investment in the form of traffic and new customers. Our company can customize solutions for your business’s website needs, and we offer affordable services. Whether you’re looking for e-commerce website design, SEO, SEM, or other services, we can work with you to make your business successful.

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